Instagram Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram Plus Frequently Asked Questions

You will be tempted to install this app with a series of advanced and amazing features offered by Instagram Plus, but, here are most frequently asked questions and answers related to Instagram Plus, Downloads, Installation, Features, Problems and more:

Can my account be banned by Instagram if I use Instagram Plus?

No, Instagram Plus is Anti-Ban.

Is Instagram Plus available for iPhone or iOS device?

No, Instagram Plus is not available for iOS devices.

Can I use Instagram App with Instagram Plus on my device?

No, you have to uninstall the official Instagram to download and install Instagram Plus on your device.

Can I download photos and videos in Instagram Plus?

Yes, the Instagram Plus feature allows you to download.

Can I login with my Facebook account?

Yes, you can do it in the latest version.

Can I change Instagram Plus themes?

Yes, Instagram Plus has a large library of themes that you may like on the application.

Can I create business profiles on Instagram Plus?

Yes, you can create a business profile or change your personal account to a business account. This is because you have many followers on Instagram, which can turn into customers.

Can I be verified on Instagram Plus?

Yes, you can be verified at Instagram Plus and get your Blue Tick. It really is a symbol of exclusivity and professionalism, collect your details and reasons why you want to be verified and you will get a badge, as well as you can read this guide about the verified badge and how you can get it.