How to Unban Temporarily Banned Accounts in OGWhatsApp 2019

Unban Temporarily Banned Whatsapp Accounts

Recently, Whatsapp has started issuing a temporary restriction for some OG Whatsapp users, who use version 7.00 and older, but do not worry, a new version 7.25 has been released to fix this problem.

Therefore, here are two methods to help you recover your WhatsApp Account if you have been banned and in the future some tips have been given to prevent your OGWhatsapp from being temporary restrictions.

Method 1 (95% Working)

If you have been banned before or after the installation of OGWhatsapp v7.10 or higher, then you need to follow the instructions:
  1. If you want to keep your chats, then wait for the banned to finish completely. Your chat can be backed up (Settings > Chats > Backup Chats).
  2. Uninstall your Whatsapp version.
  3. Download OGWhatsapp and install and verify your number again.
  4. If you still see "Temporarily restricted", then wait for it to expire, so that you can use the new OGWhatsapp freely.
  5. If you still have a "Temporarily Restricted Problem" even after doing all of the above instructions, install "Official Whatsapp" from "here" and use it for 1 day, after that remove it and Again install OGWhatsapp.
Finally, if you are banned after doing this solution again, you need to follow the method 2.

Method 2 (99% Working)

If you have a "Temporarily Restricted Problem" even after following all the instructions in "Method 1", then please follow the below instructions:
  1. Go to the "My Files" or "File Manager" app on your Android device, if you do not have an app to manage your files, download the "File Manager" app from play store.
  2. Open your "File Manager" app, find the "Whatsapp" folder, rename the folder "Deleted Whatsapp"
  3. Uninstall your OGWhatsapp version.
  4. Download and Install "Official Whatsapp" and verify your number.
  5. Go to (Settings > Account > Delete My Account) and type your number and click on "DELETE MY ACCOUNT"
  6. Uninstall "Official WhatsApp" from your device.
  7. Download OGWhatsapp and install and verify your number again.
Finally, this solution works with 99.9% of users, but if you are still banned after doing this solution, then we recommend that you use "official WhatsApp" for a few days and again download OGWhatsapp, then try to install.

Tips to Avoid Ban on Whatsapp

  • Do not use the old OGWhatsapp version (older than 7.10).
  • Do not send or forward many messages at the same time.
  • Do not send many messages to people who do not have your number.
  • Do not include those people in groups they do not want.
  • Do not try posting status for more than 30 seconds.
  • Do not send applications for automated messaging.