Whatsapp Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Whatsapp Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers about where to install and download Whatsapp Plus app, is it safe to use and much more. To address all your doubts, follow our Whatsapp Plus Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be banned if I use Whatsapp Plus?

No, this app comes with anti-ban feature, so there is no worry about being banned.

Is 'root' required to use full Whatsapp plus features?

No, you do not need 'root' to use and install Whatsapp Plus.

What features are offered by Whatsapp Plus?

Personalize and optimize your Whatsapp profile with many new cool themes, Hide Blue tick, second tick, typing, recording, blue microphone, and more.

How do I restore my chat to WhatsApp Plus from the normal Whatsapp version?

Open your normal Whatsapp version, go to Settings ➡ Chat backup now. Now backup. This will back up your chat into your local storage, uninstall WhatsApp now and when you register on WhatsApp Plus, you will prompt to reset the chat, now you can click on it and chat with your local storage Can restore.

Do I have to uninstall WhatsApp to install and run WhatsApp Plus?

As the package name of both applications, you can run only one application on one device.

Can I Run Multiple WhatsApp Plus App on a Single Device?

Yes, you can run two or three Whatsapp applications on your device, but you must verify each application using different contact numbers.

What if I want to return to the normal Whatsapp?

Yes, you can uninstall Whatsapp Plus, then install Whatsapp.

Can I download whatsapp plus on iOS?

No, whatsapp plus is only available for Android.

What Android version do I need to run WhatsApp?

To run WhatsApp, you must have Android 4.0 or above.

Whatsapp Plus is different from OGWhatsapp and GB Whatsapp?

No, all these apps are same and have same functionality. Only package name and app names are different.

These frequently asked questions answered most of your questions. Now you will not feel worried about using the WhatsApp Plus,