How to Send Messages to All WhatsApp Groups at Once

Send Messages to All WhatsApp Groups at Once

Sometimes we want to send a message to many people together or to multiple groups at once. These messages could be you wishing an occasion, like New Year, Christmas, or informing something about you or making an announcement. Going into each group and typing the message, or it takes time for each group to copy or forward the message. What you want is a simple way through which you can send messages to all WhatsApp groups, which are part of you. At present, the official version of Whatsapp does not provide any facility for sending messages to all groups. If you want to know about this, we can help you with a simple and easy guide.

Broadcast a message to all WhatsApp groups

As you know, the Official Whatsapp does not enable you to send messages to all groups, with a pro version you can easily get this work done, if you have not heard about Whatsapp Mod versions. Let me tell you that this is a professional version of Whatsapp that works like this, but there is a lot of additional facilities to increase your whitespace usage capability. Classes and functions are also provided.

All of these features are the one to send messages to WhatsApp groups, there are many WhatsApp versions, but the best of them is GBWhatsApp. So here, we will discuss how to send a message to groups using the GBWhatsApp application.

How to send messages to all Whatsapp groups at Once

  1. Download and install the latest version of GBWhatsApp from here.
  2. If you want to use your current number enabled for your Whatsap account enabled with this new feature, then you have to uninstall the official app. In addition, you can keep both Whatsapp applications and GB Whatsapp and can set up a GB Whatsapp account with a new number.
  3. After downloading, install the GBWhatsApp app.
  4. After installation, go to the device home screen and launch the app.
  5. Provide your number, verify with OTP, enter your name and select DP to complete the setup.
  6. Now, after opening your GB Whatsapp application, go to the top right corner.
  7. On Broadcast Message to Groups'.
  8. Select all the groups you want to send your message to.
  9. Now the broadcast channel is made.
  10. Type in your message and easily send it to all groups.