What are Backlinks? Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are links that link a website to other websites. Backlinks are also called incoming links or inbound links. The search engine (especially Google) determines that Backlink is an important factor in SEO.

Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are important for ranking websites or webpages. Backlinks help in getting more referral traffic and high rankings in search engines. Also helps in faster indexing. The more high-quality backlinks on a website, the more popular and reliable it is. 

Types of Backlinks

  • Do-follow Links: These links improve the reliability of your website's ranking in search engines. Do follow links pass the link juice to other pages or websites. By default, all the links you add to a blog post are Dufollow Links.
  • No-follow Links: These links do not pass link juice to other pages or websites and do not help improve website rank. No follow links have rel="nofollow". The Nofollow tag is an indication for the search engine, which states that "Do not count it."
  • Low-Quality Backlinks: These links are also called Bad Backlinks. Links coming from unreliable sites, unrelated sites, spam sites, or automated sites are low-quality links. These links can harm your site's ranking. Be careful while creating backlinks.
  • High-Quality Backlinks: When other high-quality websites are linked to a website, then it tells search engine crawlers that the linked website is valuable and useful. Getting links from a trusted site means getting more referral traffic and higher rankings. This is why everyone likes to get high-quality backlinks from trusted sites.
  • Internal Links: Internal links are links that go from one page to a different page on the same website. It is one of the easiest ways to make backlinks.

What is Link Juice?

Link juice refers to the value passed from one page or another to another. This value is passed by linking other pages. Link juice helps to improve ranking and domain authority.

What is Linking Root Domain?

The linking root domain is the number of unique domain linking to your website or webpage. Many links from a single domain to your website will be considered as one link root domain.

To know How to create high-quality backlinks, follow the link below:

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