What is On-Page SEO? And On-Page SEO Techniques

Learn about on-page search engine optimization and its SEO techniques to fully optimize your webpages to provide a better user experience.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is a practice to optimize web pages to get high rank in search results and to earn traffic through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. On-Page SEO includes activities that we do on our web page. Below are some of the best On-Page SEO techniques:

  • Write High-Quality Content
  • Post Long Form Content
  • Less Duplicate Content
  • Do Keyword Research
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing
  • Maintain Keyword Density
  • Increase Time On Site
  • Optimize Title Tag for SEO
  • Add Modifiers to Title Tag
  • Avoid Too Many Heading Tags
  • Optimize Meta Tags
  • URL Optimization
  • Add Multimedia
  • Optimize Images for SEO
  • Use Bullet Points or Numbered Lists
  • Internal Linking
  • External Linking
  • Yoast SEO

To learn more about these techniques, follow the below link:

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